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A World of Constant Change Demands Coverage & Access for All

December 14, 2020

A World of Constant Change Demands Coverage & Access for All

SafeLink Wireless, part of the TracFone Wireless, Inc. portfolio, helps those with financial hardships get and stay connected

Javier Rosado

Senior Officer Business Development and Government Services at TracFone Wireless, Inc.


The global pandemic, social unrest and ongoing economic uncertainty continue to affect the lives of millions, and place even greater importance on the ability to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

In challenging times, we continue to be driven by our TracFone Wireless, Inc. purpose to deliver “Coverage and Access for All.”

Twelve years ago we petitioned the federal government to expand the Lifeline program that provided discounted phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to include cellphones in addition to land-line phones. The government agreed, and we in turn launched SafeLink Wireless, which has serviced more than 25 million low income individuals and families since its inception.

With SafeLink, we offer eligible subscribers a smartphone or SIM card along with free minutes, texts, and data. SafeLink customers also can bring their own phones, and receive additional data and service minutes. SafeLink benefits also recently were made available through our Walmart Family Mobile brand, offering monthly discounts of $10.00 or more to eligible households.

SafeLink Wireless exemplifies our commitment to providing “Coverage and Access for All,” and demonstrates our belief that the ability to connect with loved ones and colleagues shouldn’t be limited by economic hardships.

If you have recently lost your job and are receiving unemployment benefits, you may qualify for free wireless minutes and data through SafeLink Wireless. Please visit the SafeLink website to learn more